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The usual gifts can easily be forgotten. Your "Time" Gift will always be remembered.

How to use our Honeymoon Wedding List in Hours © 2007 G.G.    If interested in using it, contact us via email

Honeymoon Wedding List in Hours© online (for Travel Agency use)
We are pleased to offer this programm that gives Travel Agents the possibility to organize Honeymoon Trips for their Clients
and offer to their Guests (Relatives, Friends...) the possibility to subscribe online Hourly quotes of the Trip.

The Bridal couple can, whenever they desire, access the website with a Username and a Password and verify the booking situation
of their Honeymoon Trip. The easy use of the programm gives the Travel Agent the possibility to increase Business in this field.

  • Travel Agency / Organizer section
    Creates Username and Password for the Bridal couple and Trip code for Guests to access the programm
    Insert detailed programm of Trip with pictures of the Honeymoon destination agreed with the Bridal Couple
    Insert the total cost together with date/time of departure and date/time of return of the Honeymoon
    The programm calculates automatically the number of Hours of the Trip and creates a day by day prospect with the Hours available
    Visualize and manage payments of the Hours subscribed.

  • Bridal couple section
    Visualize details of the Honeymoon Trip (Travel Agency will give them the Username and Password Login)
    Visualize Hours subscribed from Guests (Relatives, Friends) with partial and total amounts,
    Visualize Wedding Messagges inserted by Guests

  • Guests section
    Access the subscription Form by a
    Trip Code (communicated by the Bridal Couple)
    Visualize the prospect with the Hours available to book as a Gift for the Bridal Couple
    Gift Hours book (as many as they like, in different days too) based on personal considerations
    (It is not possible to book Hours already taken from other Guests).

For a DEMO contact me.

If interested in obtaining the use of this programm, contact us:  sales@honeymoon-experts.com

e-mail: Gaier Gino - Tolmezzo (Italy) - Ph. (+39) 0433 - 40512